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Mercury conjunct North Node

Your Mind Leads the Way

Kelli Fox

You like to explore, think, talk, and write about your direction in life and where you think you may be going. The development of your mental skills and your ability to communicate will be high on the list of life goals for you. It is not so much that you are ambitious in a worldly sense; it is more that you consider the development of the mind to be a prime reason for your existence on earth, at least this time around.

You're not one to dwell on the past; in fact, you probably think about it very little, preferring to focus on where you are today and where you'd like to be tomorrow, or in five years, or perhaps thirty years down the line. You value education and using your brain as the chief vehicle for solving problems and outlining your future direction. You feel more intelligent than the average person, and take great pride in this intelligence. Regular quiet time will help you stay on track and not get distracted by the everyday details of mundane life. You must develop the capacity to handle those details, while at the same time, steering yourself along the path of life.

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