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Mercury conjunct Neptune

Smoke Signals

Kelli Fox

Foggy thinking, unclear communications, and being misunderstood seem to be your lot in life. If only you could communicate using smoke signals, the way Native Americans used to do back in the old days when life was simpler -- maybe then people would understand you better. You perceive images and symbols far more accurately than you understand the traditional forms of communication of speech and the written word (except maybe poetry).

In fact, cinema attracts you for this very reason; movies are conveyed through images, and this is a language you understand. Intuition and telepathic skills are yours for the asking; these gifts are your birthright, and you can receive much useful information by these means. In prayer or creative endeavors, you express yourself beautifully. The difficulty comes mostly in trying to communicate clearly with other people, transmitting ideas and information. This does not go as smoothly as everyone would like. You may clam up, becoming suddenly inarticulate, forgetting words, or leaving out important details. You probably have lots of ideas that others consider delusional (though they make perfect sense to you). You must make use of whatever organizational and logical abilities you have, so you can communicate well with others and yet not lose your creative and mystical connection.

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