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Mars unaspected


Kelli Fox

You have vast amounts of energy and may not even be aware of the nervous ways in which you display it, such as by constantly moving around, fidgeting with things and being unable to sit still for very long. It's imperative that you get lots and lots of exercise and even involve yourself with athletics, sports or the military because of the discipline and focus you'll learn there. You experience very few limits or restrictions to your drive, ambition, desires and motivations, so you can come across as very strong and macho, no matter what your gender.

You tend to take on too much, burning the candle at both ends and therefore fizzling out before you've achieved any of your goals. Yet your intensity may drive others away and prevent them from offering the help that you need -- not that you would accept it anyway, you independent soul! You may find your passionate nature disconnected from the rest of your life. What stokes your fires may be too hard to integrate into your daily life.

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