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Mars trine Saturn

Strength of Will

Kelli Fox

You know how to get down to business and work long and hard. You can be organized and efficient to the extreme, and if there's one thing you hate, it's wasted work. You've found the key to your success: purposeful action.

You plan carefully, organize every step and make sure that when you move, it's in a focused direction with an achievable goal. Your sense of timing is excellent; you often find yourself, almost without effort, in the right place at the right time to take advantage of your know-how and experience. Physical coordination and a natural athletic ability will, with a disciplined exercise and flexibility program, keep you healthy, active and strong for many years. Truth be told, you prefer to work by yourself, at your own speed and in your own way. However, authority figures and superiors are quick to notice your work ethic and skills, and want you to step up to the plate and lead others with less skill or experience. You may come to enjoy being a mentor, as you like to set an example for others to follow. Focus, hard work and concentration come easily to you, and you use them to their best advantage.

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