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Mars trine Neptune

Dream Weaver

Kelli Fox

More than most, you are able to act on your dreams to make them come true. This can happen in the everyday mundane world, but it can even happen at night, through active or lucid dreaming, a technique in which you learn to control and direct your sleeping dreams. This skill is one you can carry over into your daily existence.

You are not very focused, and even when you get going on something, it's far too easy to distract you. Learning to direct your dreams will help you stay more directed in actual life as well. You're blessed with a natural dramatic flair that is not only entertaining to others but also helpful in making your point. You may use visual arts as well as drama to articulate your ideas; photography and film could be particularly successful for you. It's not enough for you simply to view art; you must participate in it, and it must express an important ideal, in order to be meaningful for you. You find the greatest satisfaction in helping other people; again, this doesn't mean donating money so much as becoming directly involved in assisting those in need. Keeping your body strong and active extends your ability to reach out compassionately.

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