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Mars trine Jupiter

Adventure, Anyone?

Kelli Fox

You have the soul of an adventurer, an explorer, or even an astronaut. You want to stretch out to places where no one has been before. Fortunately, you have the confidence to meet your goals and the ability to find the means to get where you want to go.

When you act, or exert yourself in a particular direction, things just seem to go your way; the universe opens up all the doors necessary for you. You're skating on smooth ice. The bigger the project, the better it goes. The more principled your objectives are, the more personal growth results. Your natural optimism and enthusiasm inspire loyalty and respect, and your willingness to go first and not ask anyone to do anything you're not willing to do yourself makes you a wonderful leader for any kind of team. You're able to balance the future with the present and to keep a good perspective on things. Keeping in shape physically will help your mind stay active and attuned as well; you respond best to a regular vigorous exercise program rather than periodic, intense spells of too much working out. Discipline in your physical life helps you pace yourself in others areas, too.

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