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Mars square Uranus

An Independent Organ

Kelli Fox

In your ideal version of the world, you could do whatever you wanted, whenever you wanted, and no one would ever tell you how offended they were or how rude you are, or mention all the rules you're breaking. Not that you particularly care what others think, but you'd rather not hear it in the first place. You do enjoy mixing it up, though, via disruptive behavior and shocking statements that are designed to rile up the authority figures who limit your life so needlessly.

Too bad about the innocent bystanders who get caught in the crossfire. They should have known to get out of the way! You're only too happy to flout convention, impatient -- as always -- with social mores and silly rules. You much prefer living on the edge, pushing the envelope and bending regulations; you're a risk-taker and an an unbridled eccentric. You won't follow rules or heed common sense. These qualities are likely to be much stronger when you're young. As you get a little older, you're forced to face the feedback and consequences of rash actions. Impulsiveness evolves into decisive action; blind reaction gives way to focused response.

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