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Mars square Saturn

Fire and Ice

Kelli Fox

You struggle with tremendously challenging forces in your life, and in the end, your success will depend a great deal on how well you are able to integrate these divergent forces. On the one hand, you want to be free and independent, but on the other hand, you're forced to acknowledge various forms of authority that restrict your freedom and independence. Rules, regulations and authority can actually hone your skills and performance, helping you to develop discipline and strength, but this is not an easy lesson to learn.

You are likely to feel frustrated and aggravated by any attempts to control your behavior, feelings that may result from early childhood experiences. You may sit passively by, refusing to engage in confrontation or competition, but ultimately this will never satisfy you, because truly you respond to situations where your determination and endurance are tested and strengthened. You may go overboard, with temper tantrums and extreme attempts to dominate other people in your life; these will not bring the best results either. The challenge for you will be to moderate the forces of assertion and repression, bravery and fear, fiery action and cold control. Success for you is defined in terms of hard work, endurance, strength and amazing courage in the face of overwhelming odds.

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