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Mars square Pluto

Control Issues

Kelli Fox

The struggle for power and control are huge issues in your life, even if they aren't overtly expressed. It's very likely that your early childhood was dominated by someone (perhaps a parent, older sibling or other relative) who kept a firm grip on the reins of control in the household, leaving other family members feeling fearful and intimidated. These early childhood experiences continue to affect your life, even if things seem calm on the surface.

Given the correct triggers, incredibly powerful subconscious emotions can surge to the surface, creating disturbing images and urges. The strength of this outpouring is a clue to the depth of your psyche, which can be a vessel for containing powerful emotions such as rage and the compulsion for absolute control. Even the expression of these emotions is extreme, ranging from a smooth exterior with a boiling underbelly to overt, heavy-handed attempts to gain power and exert domination. Unconscious motivations permeate your daily activity, and you often overreact to small episodes that you should just ignore. You use a sledgehammer when a screwdriver would do. How to overcome these difficulties and unlock your grand potential? If your temper is a problem, start with anger management. Otherwise, locate a good therapist to explore your distant past and develop ways to consciously understand the dark forces deep within you. On the physical plane, dance to primitive drumming to release intense energies.

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