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Mars square North Node

Cross Purposes

Kelli Fox

You want to act, to get somewhere in life, but you stand indecisively at the crossroads, not sure whether to go back to the known and the familiar or to move forward into the frightening unknown. It may not be like you to be unable to make up your mind, but when it comes to figuring out your long-term direction in life, you come up short. And even when you do make a choice and try to set off in a certain direction, you seem to encounter negative feedback or frustrating obstacles almost immediately, which leaves you confused and immobilized.

You seem always to be working at cross purposes with yourself. What to do? The most important thing is to stay in the present moment. If you are constantly looking backward at the past or getting lost in a dream about the future, you can't pay attention to the here and now. Making good decisions right now is the best guarantee that you'll get positive results tomorrow.

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