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Mars square Neptune

Blind Faith

Kelli Fox

You fantasize a lot about winning the race, climbing to the top, obliterating the competition. If only you could get moving in real life! Many times you feel immobilized by self-doubt.

When you do get motivated to do something, just as often as not, you engage in self-defeating behavior, setting yourself up for failure by lying to yourself or by inadequately investigating the project. Instead of learning from your setbacks, you interpret them as more evidence of your own lack of ability. You have very strong ideals; that isn't the problem. But either you have difficulty acting on them, or you're full of blind faith. You don't pause to examine the worthiness of the ideal. In certain situations you can even become a martyr for the cause. When it comes to relationships, again, you're full of fantasies (usually of a sexual nature) and mental pictures of your ideal partner that often revolve around physical beauty and little else. How can you ever truly see a person if you're only looking for a physical ideal and don't search out their character or disposition? You may be in for some major disappointments in love. With experience, you can develop the ability to act on what you believe, and to give yourself generously to spiritual or compassionate ideals.

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