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Mars square Jupiter

Jumping the Gun

Kelli Fox

You mean well. Truly, you do. But you're a little like a bull in a china shop: a little big, too rambunctious and overly exuberant.

You're constantly red-faced and apologetic over yet another thing you've broken. Your body seems to have a mind of its own, energetic but uncontrolled, even spasmodic at times. Some may have called you clumsy, but physical coordination can be yours with practice. Participating in activities that develop strength and balance, such as martial arts, will do a lot to improve your natural athletic ability. In other realms, you may overextend yourself at work or in your personal life, taking on more tasks than you can reasonably handle and then finding yourself overwhelmed. Red-faced again! Some major life challenges for you are learning to pace yourself, to curb your enthusiasm and to regulate your energy flow. Still, you should work on tending to the future while being in the here-and-now. Developing these skills will enable you to benefit from the valuable natural skills that you have: energy and enthusiasm, optimism and good cheer. A team leader will emerge from self-discipline.

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