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Mars sextile Uranus

Wide Awake

Kelli Fox

You blend fearless energy with a strong need for independence and the freedom to create life adventures that leave you breathless and excited -- activities that can range from skydiving to scuba diving and everything in between! You like to be different and will stop at nothing to prove it. Your inner drive to facilitate improvements in your life and in your environment makes you an agent of change; you are a force for the future.

In your push for progress, your best focus is on humanitarian issues rather than personal goals; you're at your best when you exert your tremendous energy on behalf of others who can't do it for themselves. The way you act and express yourself is unique and you wish others would follow your example in this regard. Everyone gets to be themselves, one-of-a-kind, individual and free. It's a platform for you. Never one to get stuck in habitual action, you're quick to adopt innovations and inventions that improve your life. You recognize opportunities for progress as soon as they present themselves; early in your life you may jump on every opportunity you see. As you grow and mature, you'll learn to accept these opportunities with more discrimination.

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