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Mars sextile Saturn

Setting Limits

Kelli Fox

Setting boundaries and limits has always come easily for you. This excellent skill is just one of your gifts that help you to develop into an excellent worker, one who is motivated, responsible and industrious. You're physically coordinated and have naturally good timing, and are practical enough to take excellent care of your body through proper exercise and disciplined nutrition.

When given your choice, you'd rather work alone, but you have the flexibility and leadership to work in a team environment as well. You plan carefully and execute everything in the time frame allotted. Initiative and stamina keep you in demand as a worker and a leader. Your no-nonsense attitude and military efficiency ensure that many around you will depend on you. Your ego depends a great deal on how you feel about your work and accomplishments; you prefer to earn things by the sweat of your own brow and don't value anything that took no effort on your part. You don't expect results today; in fact, you know that the greater and more important the project is, the longer it will take for results to manifest, and the better they will be. This is the story of your life.

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