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Mars sextile Pluto

Power Drive

Kelli Fox

You have incredible ambition and a strong desire to succeed. Fortunately, you also have the inner strength and determination to actively pursue your goals, and you have a high likelihood of success. Your motivation and endurance are so strong that it is almost impossible to knock you off track once you've set out on a certain course.

Combining physical prowess with psychological power, you're pretty much unbeatable! Periods of righteous anger only fuel your ambition and drive. While you may occasionally go over the top in exerting your power, you are sufficiently aware of social customs to avoid alienating others. Nonetheless, you're almost compulsively competitive and can't bear the thought of losing even the most casual game or contest. Sexual energy runs strong within you, and you may perceive romance as just another competitive game, entering for the thrill of the chase but quickly tiring of your conquests. Not only do you ignore taboos, you actually enjoy turning them upside down. In many ways, you prefer to look underneath the surface of things rather than accepting them at face value. This capacity to see the invisible will be apparent in many areas of your life and is an invaluable asset as you navigate through life.

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