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Mars sextile Neptune

Active Dreaming

Kelli Fox

Remember Martin Luther King Jr.'s impassioned 'I have a dream' speech? Well, you have a dream, too. And what's more, you have the ability to act on your dream, to enable it to come true.

In fact, you are at your best when you are actively engaged in fulfilling your most sublime ideals, when you are working toward compassionate action, when you are performing acts of service and charity. Fortunately you excel at recognizing these types of opportunities and don't hesitate to sign up. Your beliefs are strong and you feel compelled to defend them, even to fight for them. You may do so in artistic ways, such as through painting, photography or filmmaking. Directing your energy and passion toward specific ideals or belief systems helps keep you on track, because in general you are easily distracted. If you lose your focus, you are much more liable to get pulled into other people's problems and can even get roped into working for their benefit instead of your own, through a misguided sense of compassion. Don't let others take advantage of you. Instead, focus on making your own dreams come true.

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  1. Susan on May 30, 2016 at 10:23 pm

    Very true!!# I do have to work on not letting others take advantage of me

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