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Mars quincunx Uranus

Impulse Control

Kelli Fox

You have so much energy, which comes in fits and starts, that it's difficult for you to find an effective outlet for it. Therefore you may suffer from nervous tension and lots of anxiety until you find a method to dispel these unpleasant feelings. You just don't seem able to capitulate to the party line; rebelliousness simply seems to well up inside of you.

You can be branded as a radical at a very young age, if you don't control your need to be different and unique. You're likely to act on any idea that comes into your head, and as far as risk-taking goes, well, the more dangerous it is, the more appeal it holds for you. The impetuous manner in which you begin new projects and tasks, however, does not bode well for a successful finish to most things. While many of your ideas are good ones, you often find yourself acting alone, without the aid or support of other people. And let's face it: It's lonely out on the edge.

Mars quincunx Uranus in the Compatibility Chart

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