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Mars quincunx Saturn

Overcoming Frustration

Kelli Fox

So often, you want to express your anger and rage or just your thoughts and feelings, yet you feel restricted, inhibited or prevented from doing so for one reason or another. This causes no end of frustration for you and means that you're probably sitting on a whole load of pent-up anger and aggression -- and that's not healthy for anyone. One of your main problems may be that you end up taking on the work of others who haven't lived up to their responsibilities; you have to focus so much of your energy on their stuff that you neglect your own.

Or, certain superiors take your ideas and claim the credit for themselves. No wonder you're so frustrated! No wonder you don't trust anyone! Well, there's a solution to this problem. Drawing a line in the sand, setting your limits and improving your focus will all help. So will a regular exercise program, especially one that builds strength and endurance. Providing an outlet for your pent-up energy improves not only your health but also your outlook, and enables the purposeful action for which you're so well-suited.

Mars quincunx Saturn in the Compatibility Chart

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