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Mars quincunx Pluto

Don't Mess with Me

Kelli Fox

You have lots of energy and drive and you run circles around most other people. If only you could develop a little patience, life would be so much easier for you. You're so quick to respond to any perceived challenge that others often prod you just for the fun of getting a rise out of you.

No wonder you think people are picking on you! Controlling your temper, which can be triggered in an instant, will be a major life theme for you. The solution is neither rages nor stormy silences, but an effective expression of legitimate anger. You place great value on physical strength and prowess; you may work hard, even obsessively, to keep in great shape yourself, and perhaps you participate in athletic contests of some type. You are fiercely competitive on the field and can't accept the sting of defeat, which may put you into either a rage or a depression. All your energy definitely requires an outlet, such as a high-powered job (but be careful not to overpower or manipulate others with your machismo -- regardless of your gender!), regular, vigorous exercise, or participation in the military or some similarly male-oriented activity.

Mars quincunx Pluto in the Compatibility Chart

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