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Mars quincunx Jupiter

What Are You Trying to Prove?

Kelli Fox

Feeling a strong need to prove yourself, you like to impress people with feats of your strength and agility. You may therefore work very hard at developing your body, which in certain aspects is very good, because you've got abundant physical energy. But at some point you must ask yourself: Is this all there is?

Because your potential is so much greater than simply improving your physical prowess. Take, for example, your need for freedom and adventure. It's possible, even probable, that this discontent has caused stress and tension in your life, with your sudden departures to explore yet another horizon leaving behind the disappointed and broken-hearted. Is there not a better way to incorporate the desire for independence and freedom into your life by perhaps including other like-minded souls? Once you find your way around these issues, you can bloom into the fearless leader you are, willing to fight passionately for what you think is right.

Mars quincunx Jupiter in the Compatibility Chart

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