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Mars opposite Uranus

Fight or Flight

Kelli Fox

You can be rebellious, rather like a teenager who insists on forging his or her own path and won't listen to practical advice from others. You could even become known for your anger, lashing out at anything that moves just because you're in a bad mood. Defiant and oppositional, you're all too ready to greet any type of challenge with a physical answer, triggering arguments and confrontations that are completely unnecessary.

You fiercely defend your freedom and independence, resisting any efforts to restrain or contain you. Your temper sometimes gets the better of you. Often you enjoy upsetting others just for the shock value. You find it fun -- but no one else does! On the plus side, you're quite the adventurer. Risk-taking provides some of the highlights of your life. Never afraid to take on a challenge, the most exciting events of your life consist of a series of daring adventures and high-flying exploits, fearless feats that amaze your friends and astound your family members. Developing an outlet for your physical energy is important, or it could get the better of you. Keep trying different activities till you find the right one -- the weirder, the better.

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