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Mars opposite Saturn

Authority Issues

Kelli Fox

You just hate to be told what to do, don't you? Your favorite phrase as a kid might have been, 'You're not the boss of me!' Any sort of authority annoys you -- especially when they're right. Unfortunately, if you become too entrenched in this adolescent and rebellious attitude, you'll never be able to forge your own path in life.

You'll always be reacting to what others say to you, unless you decide to grow up a little and realize that they're not all out to get you, and they're not acting that way to make you miserable. Embrace the authority that you now project onto others; become your own boss with your own expectations and requirements for yourself. A second step in maturation is the realization that you need to balance various divergent factors in your life. You swing back and forth between paralyzing fear and over-the-top anger, between cold, hard discipline and foolish carelessness. There is a middle ground of focused action, of self-control, of fierce courage. These gifts are yours for the keeping, once you stop seesawing between extremes of behavior and start learning to moderate and pace yourself. This is not an easy aspect to handle. However, the rewards are great if you can master the challenges you've been given.

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