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Mars opposite Pluto

David and Goliath

Kelli Fox

With your drive and intensity, it's clear that relationships are going to be a major challenge for you, and they will be the prime arena in which your power and control issues are played out. Think you don't have any problems in that department? Take a closer look at your relationship history.

If past partners have been obsessive, compulsive or excessively controlling, take that as a sign that they were reflecting your own internal, unconscious control issues. Your early childhood was probably dominated by an individual who controlled you with rigid rules and severe punishments. You didn't feel very powerful as a child and now you try to compensate for that, either by being very passive and letting your partner be the 'bad guy,' or by being domineering and controlling yourself. Either way, it's clear that the issues are not resolved. Bosses and authority figures are another prime area for the expression of these problems; if you always regard your superiors with contempt, it's sure sign that you've got work to do. You might even participate in a mutiny of some sort. Your challenge -- and it won't be easy -- is to find a point in the middle between rage and control, between drive and domination, where you can manage both sides of the equation. Then you will find true power.

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