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Mars opposite North Node

Loner No More

Kelli Fox

In past lives, you were a loner. You got very used to depending on no one but yourself, and you preferred to do everything alone. You may even have avoided relationships with others, or experienced contentious encounters that discouraged you from getting close to people.

The question is, why are you still acting this way? That was then, and this is now -- which is why it's so important to move past this type of behavior. In this life, you're called upon to stretch yourself in the opposite direction. You need to seek out others and build strong relations with them, based on mutual care-taking. Instead of doing everything yourself, you need to work in partnerships and groups. Learn to find consensus instead of simply expecting everyone else to see it your way. And don't insist on doing everything yourself! Doing so only holds you in the past when you should be moving forward into the future.

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