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Mars opposite Jupiter

David and Goliath

Kelli Fox

You feel your best when you're taking on someone or something much bigger than yourself -- a sort of David-and-Goliath syndrome, in which you're most powerful when faced with an opponent many times your size. Your stature increases by virtue of your defiance and opposition. These are the situations that lead to the greatest personal growth on your part, since you must push yourself to step into those big shoes.

Others often benefit from your rebellion; in fact, when you act on behalf of others, your chances of success increase. You have a strong belief system and are easily roused by any opposition to it; this area may be quite challenging for you to deal with. You can become angry very quickly, almost before you know it, if someone disagrees with your beliefs or tries to convince you to adopt another point of view. Your usually tolerant nature flies out the window. Physically, you have plenty of zip but it's not constant. Intermittent surges of energy can suddenly evaporate completely. Make hay while the sun shines, as the old saying goes, and take full advantage of moments when you're feeling the initiative.

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