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Mars in Virgo

A Humble but Hard Worker

Kelli Fox

You are a behind-the-scenes worker, preferring to operate backstage instead of in the bright spotlight. Out of public view, you work hard to organize and improve circumstances, wherever you may be. You have a good head for numbers and mechanics, and understand the details of how things work.

These skills can easily be put to good use in your profession. You always want practical results from your efforts, and in addition you have a strong drive to serve others, so you may well find yourself in one of the service industries as your career. You are too modest to toot your own horn very often, and may not receive the recognition you deserve for your good ideas and hard work. You can grasp the small details and organizational overview in the same glance. You have a natural ability for facts and figures as well as physical endurance and agility. A wiry build is common with this placement, as is lots of nervous energy. You're probably good at making things with your hands. You prefer to have a neat workspace and you find that clutter disturbs you. You are incredibly hard-working and productive. Don't be shy and turn away from praise when you receive it; instead, drink it in and allow it to boost your self-confidence.

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