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Mars in Taurus

Slow and Steady

Kelli Fox

Slow and steady is your motto. But like the tortoise who out-raced the hare, the amount of work you accomplish amazes everybody. Getting up in the morning, you're not the fastest starter.

You respond well to routine, however, and once you get going, you can methodically plow through a task, project, or to-do list. Physically, you're strong and sturdy; in general, though you have a rather plodding pace, you're not prone to illness. Taking your exercise outdoors is extremely good for you. It's easy to sit at home and be lazy, but you feel much better when you get up and move around, and doing it outdoors feeds your soul as well as honoring your body. Gardening is a great activity for you. You are sensual -- that is, you enjoy your senses. You enjoy music and probably have a fine singing voice. You like exploring through touch and smell. You want your house to look nice. You're physically very affectionate and enjoy cuddling and hugging and being close to the ones you love. You may not be an extrovert but once introduced to someone, you are warm and friendly. Sometimes you can come on a little strong in the romance department, for your libido may overcome any shyness you have. In general, you enjoy being on the earth.

Mars in Taurus in the Solar Return Chart

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  1. Marie on November 18, 2016 at 4:48 pm

    This is so true for me and written very well thankyou.

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