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Mars in Sagittarius

Room to Move

Kelli Fox

'I can't give my best unless I've got room to move.' That old song could well be the theme of your life. You're too adventurous and peppy to sit still for very long, so you're constantly on the go, seeking new adventures, finding them even in the course of your daily life. You are very energetic and have a natural athletic ability, enjoying exercise and sports as well as competitive events.

What others force themselves to do, you find fun. Your feet may carry you far around the globe, for you love to travel and explore, and the experiences you find there feed your desire to know and understand and do everything you possibly can. Personal freedom is a must for you, and if ever you feel tied down, you will try to escape from the situation, job or relationship that is stifling your independence. You get excited easily, and this upbeat energy is infectious. If there's any warning to watch out for, it would be that you are sometimes insensitive to others -- never maliciously; you just get so carried away with passion and energy that you inadvertently run over others, either emotionally or physically. Usually, a quick and sincere apology will clear everything up.

Mars in Sagittarius in the Solar Return Chart

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