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Mars in Gemini


Kelli Fox

Like a young colt, you're rather high-strung and have a lot of nervous energy. You may have real trouble sitting still for long periods of time, which could lead to problems in school because you seem restless and bored (and maybe you are!). A vArity of regular exercise is very important for you, as an outlet for all your physical energy.

It also keeps your balance and coordination in top form. Sports that require some degree of dexterity are good. Mentally, you may have trouble maintaining focus on anything for very long. You may speak at a fast pace, or you could dominate the conversation, grabbing the microphone without letting someone else have a chance to talk. You're great at going out to get information, but not so good at processing it or making up your mind. You are quite flexible in many ways, and can easily adapt your plans to other people's agendas. You are sociable and enjoy developing friendships and going to places where you can meet a vArity of new people. Since you are very friendly, you can usually make connections without too much trouble at all. You're playful and naturally good at sports, so you're a popular choice to have around.

Mars in Gemini in the Solar Return Chart

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