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Mars in Aries


Kelli Fox

You are fearless. You rush in where no one else will go, as much from the need to be first as from a particular devotion to the cause, although that too can be present. You are very impatient and always in a hurry.

You like going at high rates of speed and you love the thrill of risky adventures. Adrenaline is your drug of choice. It's not rocket science to figure out that sooner or later, you're going to crash into something, whether that's figurative, literal, or both. For your own sake, wear protective gear -- especially a helmet -- when appropriate. Your head is particularly vulnerable. Exercise is a must for you. It provides an outlet for all your physical and mental energy, and keeps your body in good shape. You are very competitive and naturally athletic, and especially like the satisfaction of hitting or striking, so games and sports such as baseball, golf, tennis and even boxing are appealing to you. You like to watch them but you'd rather participate. Your temper could cause problems for you. You're quick to anger and may lash out before thinking. You don't stay angry, but you could have regret later for things you do in the heat of the moment. Getting a grip on your temper is an important task for you.

Mars in Aries in the Solar Return Chart

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