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Mars in Aquarius

Independent One

Kelli Fox

Your need for freedom and independence is off the charts -- you're even willing to fight for it! You hate being bossed around or told what to do, and you can develop some whopping authority issues in your youth as a result of your insistence on doing things your own way. When you reject tradition out of hand, it's difficult to learn what has worked for others in the past -- and what hasn't.

You may reinvent the wheel at first, but you'll also make some remarkable innovations as time goes by and you learn how to apply your energy toward your brilliant ideas. Being active somehow liberates your mind to journey far beyond its usual boundaries, so you may get your most productive flashes of insight at the most inconvenient times; be sure to get those ideas down on paper at the earliest opportunity. Physically, your energy can be quite erratic, and at times there can be a high-strung or nervous quality about you. Surprisingly stubborn, you can easily get into a rut if you aren't careful. Change up your routine to prevent boredom and to keep those flashes of insight coming. You feel most alive when you're acting to improve the future quality of life for yourself and for others.

Mars in Aquarius in the Solar Return Chart

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