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Mars conjunct Saturn

Purposeful Action

Kelli Fox

Yours is not an easy row to hoe. You set out time and time again to accomplish a task, to become more independent, to attain your goals, but circumstances and authority figures seem to conspire to keep you exactly where you are. The frustration and anger that result from this situation are enormous.

Since childhood you may have felt stifled and inadequate. Your father may have acted like a drill sergeant, and if so, these days you find yourself behaving just like him sometimes -- and while this isn't necessarily what you want, it may be all you know. You're certainly all too familiar with the feeling of restriction, which has left you feeling very inhibited. You become your own worst enemy. You're so sure you won't succeed that you may not even try anymore. You may experience sexual repression or anger issues. It's going to take a change of consciousness to see your way through this difficulty, but if you can learn to cancel out the negative messages in your head, you can take advantage of the excellent potential of this planetary combination. You're a dedicated and tireless worker when you apply your energy purposefully and pointedly. If you pace yourself correctly, you can develop amazing strength and endurance. Practical action can be your forte. Strength of will and good timing are your gifts.

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