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Mars conjunct Pluto

Grabbing the Reins of Control

Kelli Fox

You have an incredible amount of personal strength, endurance, stamina and will. You can overcome the most bitter circumstances and events. Not that this is easy -- far from it -- but it's almost as if you've been preparing since childhood to face difficulty.

Your home life may have been dominated by a strong-willed parent, with the underlying threat of violence or overt power plays. The result is an unconscious drive on your part to obtain power and control over your own life. You might be excessively domineering in your efforts to secure this power, or you may go about it more secretly, even covertly. Minor episodes trigger huge survival issues for you; this is your childhood conditioned response. You may also have periods of rage, whether free-floating or directed at something specific. You may be alarmed at your own fury and rage, sure that you are the only one who feels so intensely (you're not!). The strength of your emotions can be shocking at times, but remember that extreme depths equal exalting heights, and you are capable of both in equal degree. You are fearless when it comes to tackling societal taboos; thus, one of your jobs is to bring hidden things to the surface. You respond well to drumming and tribal dancing. Primitive beats and music touch you at the deepest levels, providing an exquisite release of energy.

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