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Mars conjunct North Node

Well-Directed Life Path

Kelli Fox

While others dither and dally about trying to find their life paths, you have been clear about yours from the start. You knew early on which direction you should take, even if it was a path less traveled. Your job in life is to set out courageously in the direction in which your head and heart direct you, and it doesn't bother you if you have to go it alone.

Life paths are something you do by yourself, anyway. Once you start out, you don't look back. Others admire your independence, bravery and pioneering spirit, as you march boldly on where others have feared to tread. Your confidence sets a fine example for those who struggle to find their direction. The braver you are, the more courageously you act, the clearer your path becomes. However, you must be very careful not to push others out of the way while you are on your path. Selfishness will not work here. This is a lifetime when much can be accomplished karmically if you emphasize activity, courage and conviction. Your youthfulness and verve can move you far along in this life.

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  2. Xenia on June 7, 2018 at 12:09 pm

    Hi! What about if there is a natal mars retrograde conjuction north node? Is it suppose to discover the life path later on in life or with a wondering about attitude?

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