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Mars conjunct Neptune

Driving in Fog

Kelli Fox

Things are not quite what they seem with you. The image you project doesn't often match with the way you feel inside. For example, while you may appear to be fit, buff and toned -- you may have worked hard to develop your appearance -- you don't feel quite as confident as one would think.

You may even be in a profession or hobby that glamorizes the human body, yet underneath it all you feel unsure of yourself, with a poorly developed ego and little self-esteem. Because of this, you can often be talked into furthering someone else's goals instead of your own. You're easily seduced, but also seductive. You have a distinct ideal when it comes to finding partners but may not have the patience for each relationship to unfold fully. For you, sex is all about a meeting of hearts, a union of souls; your actual experiences may land far short of your fantasies and expectations. Your assertive energy, and sometimes your anger, is often misdirected or squandered on things that do not produce lasting value. You may find yourself angry at nothing in particular, and everything in general. Worse yet, you can demonstrate passive-aggressive behavior. At your best, you assert yourself on behalf of people less fortunate than you are. Your true strength lies in your compassion and sensitivity, not in the appearance of beauty.

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