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Jupiter unaspected

Give Me More!

Kelli Fox

Somehow, you're never satisfied with what you have or what you're given. You always want more and more. Not in a whiny or unpleasant way, but still, there is a sense of entitlement.

Even if there is a little voice inside you saying that you are sufficiently sated, you don't pay attention to it. Clearly this can lead to overdoing it on all fronts, with inevitable results, which you choose to ignore. Do be careful of Falstaffian excesses, because you probably don't know when enough is enough. While you are a person of great faith and optimism, your own core values often won't match up with those of the people around you, or your faith is disconnected from the way you live the rest of your life. You develop your own belief systems very early on, and may feel that everything you've been taught doesn't sit right with you. You inspire others with your strong faith and independent beliefs, and these may even be the qualities for which you're best known.

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