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Jupiter trine Uranus

A Visionary

Kelli Fox

You're mentally more alive and alert than most. You crave input for your constant curiosity. Wanting to learn everything you possibly can, you quickly integrate technology and modern devices to manage your life and make it easier.

You have a natural ability in science, too; the cutting edge is more appealing to you than the traditional branches. The same could be said of your faith; some type of spiritual practice would benefit you as long as personal freedom and choice are emphasized. However, you may decide instead to be free from religion or spiritual practices altogether. No matter what your faith, you are tolerant, and you truly enjoy getting to know people from different cultures, religions and backgrounds. You explore and delight in those differences. You're quite a free thinker and may espouse some very radical ideas or concepts; some may even call you a visionary. The same adventurous mindset helps you adopt innovations and improvements that make your life more manageable. Overall, you have a refreshing way of looking at the world that helps you accept change and move forward.

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