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Jupiter trine Saturn

Best of Both Worlds

Kelli Fox

You take your responsibilities seriously and work hard to achieve your ambitions, whatever they may be. Practical on a grand scale, you have an excellent executive ability and are a natural leader, and this will not go unnoticed by the people around you. You'll be well respected in your community based on your integrity and authentic personality and may even achieve an elevated status.

Material comfort should come easily to you and even if you have more than you need, you may still prefer a rather simple life to an ostentatious one. You have an inborn faith in something bigger than yourself, and flourish when you actively practice a spiritual discipline. A sense of justice, of what's right and wrong, becomes well developed at an early age, and you can be quite conservative, meaning you act with caution. You have an interest in learning about the past and a great ability to see how history applies to the present and future, sure that 'He who does not know his history is doomed to repeat it.' You're a person who has an optimistic view of the future and works hard to make it come true.

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