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Jupiter trine Pluto

X-Ray Vision

Kelli Fox

The surface just isn't enough for you. No way. You've got a knack for going deeper, for seeing beyond the obvious to what's underneath.

You want to find the bottom line, the ultimate source, the core truth. And you're good at it! You've a knack for research and investigation, knowing the correct questions and whom to ask. You follow vague scents and old leads to come up with answers that have evaded others for years. Repeated success in this realm has given you a deep self-assurance. This confidence enables you to aim high and gives you the willpower and ambition to get there. You're probably dissatisfied with the status quo, and may be active in reforming what you see as social injustices. You could be active politically, even seeking positions of leadership, in order to advance your agenda and flex your muscle. You'll be known for your moral character, as an upstanding citizen of the community. The idea of increasing your influence and expanding your position certainly appeals to you. You avoid being wasteful in every area of your life. You also like the concepts of composting or recycling -- the idea that useful products come from waste and decay. This process pleases you at a deep level.

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