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Jupiter trine Neptune

Big Dreams!

Kelli Fox

Naturally intuitive and possibly psychic, you are so tuned in to the invisible, spiritual realms that you've barely got a foot in this world. You'd be just as happy holed up somewhere in a monastery or convent, a mountain cave or a library, spending your days reading or philosophizing. And who knows -- perhaps in past lives you did just that!

In any event, the unseen, spiritual side of life is extremely important to you. Fantasizing is one of your favorite activities and you can spend many, many hours doing it. While you love to travel, the truth is that your dreams are full of fun journeys that can control your appetite to see something new. You are naturally optimistic and see the cup as half-full instead of half-empty. This ability to look on the brighter side holds you in good stead when you get involved with inevitable charity projects. You're a person of vast compassion, and this should not be wasted. Whatever happens in your life, you must provide yourself with enough alone time to fulfill your spiritual needs, which are stronger than most of your other needs. You have high ideals and big dreams; don't get carried away with them!

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