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Jupiter square Uranus

Proud to be Radical

Kelli Fox

Your need for personal freedom is so very strong that you may drive others away, becoming quite prickly and dismissive if you sense anyone intruding on your personal space. That isn't to say you're antisocial, because you aren't; but when you're around other people, you want them to be people of your choice, not chance. You may be quite rebellious and extreme in your beliefs or your thinking, and quite stubborn.

You may pride yourself on being a nonconformist or a radical. Whether you are extreme right or extreme left almost doesn't matter, since at some point those extremes come together. There may be points in your life when you take actions that completely surprise everyone else in your life, like moving to a nudist commune in Tibet. Those close to you could perceive your actions as unilateral and selfish, and feel that you are unconcerned with the effects your decisions have on everyone else. Is it possible that they have a point? You might manifest your need for personal freedom through erratic behavior, being chronically late, for example, or otherwise undependable. A certain level of maturity will be achieved when you realize this only alienates others as it gives you the kind of personal freedom from relationship that you'd rather not have.

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