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Jupiter square Saturn

Hurry Up and Wait

Kelli Fox

You can be immobilized by indecision, unsure whether to go forward or backward, to expand or shrink, to take the risk or play it safe. You see the value in both but can't choose between such radically different outcomes. You squander resources and then feel guilty about it; you swing back and forth between optimism and extreme pessimism.

It's difficult for you to find the balance between work and play; in fact, the whole picture is sounding a little out of balance, isn't it? The thing is, there are lots of great potentials in this aspect that are just waiting to be unlocked. All that is required of you is attention and discipline, and feeding the positive, confident side of yourself while starving the negative, self-doubting part. Crises of faith require you to constantly examine your beliefs, which, with a little maturity, give you a strong faith in something outside yourself. Finding meaning in the everyday structure of yourself enables you to tackle some of your problems. Indecision is replaced by well-thought-out choices. Self-doubt gives way to certainty based on examined experience. Swings in outlook diminish as grounded optimism swells. Suddenly, you're all grown up.

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