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Jupiter square Neptune

The Great Houdini

Kelli Fox

Slippery, aren't you? Oh, you seem to be on board, but when push comes to shove, you're nowhere to be found. Instead, you're off to meditate or do something 'spiritual.' You have soul angst -- a longing to find and connect to The One -- but unfortunately, here you are, stuck in a body.

You can spend lots of time developing the spiritual side of your life, all the while ignoring the physical reality that is demanding your attention. Those twin demons, Denial and Avoidance, trick you into thinking that everything will be okay, when in fact things just get worse the longer you procrastinate. This trait can be helped enormously by other more grounding factors in your chart. In the meantime, don't hesitate to develop the spiritual part of your life; you find great meaning there. However, don't spend all your time and resources to help the poor in Africa while you neglect your family at home. When it comes to business, you can be easily swept away by a delusion of fame and riches. You're too gullible and your dreams too big. You're prone to major disappointments at some points in your life, as your dreams come crashing down. When that happens, don't lose faith, too.

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