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Jupiter sextile Uranus

A Refreshing Approach

Kelli Fox

You have a refreshing and unusual way of approaching matters, and are able to think of creative solutions to many types of situations. You're not limited in your thinking or confined inside the box. You like keeping on the cutting edge of the news, especially when it comes to science or technology.

In fact, you may be quite the gadget lover. In large part that's because you're able to effectively integrate technology into your life to make it easier. You could even teach others how to do the same. You like talking to other people, especially if they are different than you, and you enjoy exploring those differences and learning from them. You are tolerant. You're quick to grasp new ideas. You promptly recognize opportunities to partake in unusual and fun experiences, and you have the luck to turn those opportunities into beneficial results. Your methods may be unconventional but the outcome can't be questioned. You have a great combination of luck, smarts and skill that will carry you far. The need for personal freedom and lots of independence is especially important for you to fulfill in your personal as well as professional life.

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