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Jupiter sextile Neptune

Life at a Higher Level

Kelli Fox

You're naturally attuned to life at a higher level than mundane, everyday reality. Emotionally sensitive and spiritually developed, you avoid anything crass or foul, and seek out the quietest and most refined situations for yourself. In fact, you could completely immerse yourself in a library or monastery, or anyplace that is cut off from the noise of the world.

You're intuitive and drawn to mystical experiences that help you transcend the mundane and travel the spiritual path. You want to build a relationship with a higher power and are willing to sacrifice a lot in order to accomplish it. You believe in an infinite number of possibilities. You love to expand your mind as far as you can, trying to embrace the vastness of the universe. It's impossible, of course, but you can't stop trying anyway. The beauty of it is, even though you'll never be successful, you're much better for the trying. Your gentle nature is also imbued with sensitivity to suffering and the desire to provide charity and relief. Rather than leaving this as simply an ideal, you are very good at finding opportunities to help the less fortunate, and improve the lives of people in crisis.

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