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Jupiter quincunx Neptune

A Holy Place

Kelli Fox

You have an idealistic, highly moral nature and you always try to do the right thing. You're sympathetic and naturally soothing. You find great comfort and satisfaction in spiritual practices and you enjoy going to holy places.

You're reverent. And you're very easily led down any path that seems dreamy and spiritual and appealing to your senses -- or your love of a pretty face. Wishful thinking and poor judgment are your escape mechanisms from the unpleasant realities of everyday life and all those pesky problems you'd rather not deal with. Of course, you don't like to say 'No' either, so you've been known to make promises you couldn't keep. This type of behavior only erodes your self-image even further. Adjust your ideals a little more realistically and develop your perspective. Your spiritual life will become more effective, too.

Jupiter quincunx Neptune in the Compatibility Chart

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