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Jupiter opposite Uranus

Ahead of Your Time

Kelli Fox

You may be far ahead of your time when it comes to your most radical ideals. They are so far out there, it may be ages before others understand where you were coming from -- and that you were right! But that doesn't stop you from educating yourself further about areas that interest you, or from seeking additional support for your radical positions.

While you may at first be suspicious about technology and its ability to make your life easier, you should overcome this prejudice, for you will actually benefit greatly from using technology properly. Other innovations and inventions can also help you further your ideals and goals, so be open to them. One area in which you may have some trouble is the arena of relationships. Your need for personal space and freedom is so strong that you may not want to adjust yourself or your life -- not very much, anyway -- for another person. Your most successful partnerships will most likely be with a person who has similar needs as your own: someone who also requires lots of space and freedom. Perhaps your various jobs will keep you two separated much of the time; this is one possible solution that will give both of you the space you need to feel happy.

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