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Jupiter opposite Pluto

Black and White

Kelli Fox

Your belief system is very strong, and you often carry it to extremes. At no time is this more evident than when someone challenges you. Rabidly fanatical in your opinions, you can whip up quite a frenzy of emotion in connection with your beliefs.

One factor in this process is your internal notion that you are completely right and anyone who doesn't see it your way is completely wrong. This black-and-white world view went out with the invention of color TV, but apparently you haven't heard the news yet. Consequently, you tend to divide the world into 'with me' and 'against me.' And the other side is rejected, even demonized. The unfortunate truth is that as long as you remain rigidly in this divisive paradigm, you'll never find the inner balance that you know you could have. You'll stay firmly in your position, unable even to entertain ideas or concepts from the other side. Since you are a person of individual magnetism and profound confidence, others are drawn to you, and you may even be propelled into positions of political or religious power. You must be extremely aware of situations in which you're tempted to abuse that power; you should regard this as an important test of your individual moral development.

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