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Jupiter opposite Neptune

Overly Optimistic

Kelli Fox

You can easily be swept away by ideas and plans that seem too good to be true. Instead of asking the right questions and probing under the surface, you simply fantasize about how good it's going to be when you earn your million dollars and your fifteen minutes of fame. When will you learn that such ideas really are too good to be true?

Following pipe dreams is a sure way to pave the road to disappointment instead of the success that you seek. Contained here are two important life lessons: Don't be overly optimistic, and don't avoid the practical details of preparation, even though practicality isn't your strong suit. These are areas that need quite a bit of development before you'll achieve what most call 'success' in life. Meanwhile, your spiritual life should not be ignored -- not that it will let you rest much at night. There is a strong urge to connect with a faith or spiritual group. You have an intuitive understanding of the nature of the Higher Spirit and a natural urge to express your gratitude and reverence. This should be done regularly, for you find it most uplifting, and this is the most effective way to feed your soul. And as you intuitively know, that is the most important part of life!

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