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Jupiter in Taurus

Money Magnet

Kelli Fox

You have solid business sense and can be a real money magnet. You are hardworking; you strive for practical results and have confidence in yourself and your ability to make make your own way in life. Optimism coupled with common sense and true goodwill create an environment for success.

Speaking of the environment, that could be an area to which you'll devote a lot of your attention; fields such as sustainable energy, reducing pollution, heading off species extinction and so on appeal to you, and any type of work you do that protects the earth or the environment will be rewarded with meaningful results. That is one of the best goals you can devote yourself to. Your faith is in natural processes that you can perceive with your senses and measure with your instruments. You take great delight in the processes of nature, and will find gardening a very rewarding hobby. You find great enjoyment in your senses, and in fact, may indulge yourself too much in food, drink, and other sensual pleasures. Instead of going overboard on things that could give you problems, make it a point to enjoy the great outdoors instead. It's hard to get too much of nature.

Jupiter in Taurus in the Solar Return Chart

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